AMOS-17 - The Most Advanced Satellite For Africa’s Oil & Gas Industry


For Africa’s Oil & Gas Industry

Up To 40% performance Boost in Satellite Network Performance Without Changing Any Hardware

Boosting your communication network performance and increasing its efficiency are two sides of the same coin. By keeping your existing equipment and using it with Spacecom’s advanced services for the Oil & Gas industry you will dramatically reduce your communication costs worldwide, and even more with AMOS-17 in Africa.

Meet Spacecom:

Your first choice for a Satellite Communication Provider with high-performance solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Established in 1992, Spacecom is the owner of the Amos satellite fleet. We are the most advanced Satellite Communications company, born and bred in Israel, with Industry-leading satellite communications solutions covering Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle-East, and LATAM. We provide a wide range of satellite communication services from our fleet of satellites with optimal coverage for the Oil and Gas industry.

The latest addition to our fleet is the AMOS-17 digital HTS satellite, which has optimal coverage and the best performance among all Satellite covering Africa.

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How do we do it ?

With AMOS-17 We Cover Africa. With SD-WAN, We Cover The World.

Oil and Gas is a Global business. Choosing Spacecom as your Satellite provider allows you to benefit from cost-effective remote communications solutions ensuring that the critical data supporting your drilling and production campaigns is transferred in real-time. Many of Spacecome’s advanced services for Oil & Gas are not limited by our satellite fleet coverage.

AMOS-17 - Fully Digital HTS Satellite

The most advanced HTS Satellite for powering Africa’s Oil & Gas Industry

Amos-17 is perfectly located, directly above the heart of Africa, with minimal atmospheric and weather disruptions. The satellite was specifically designed by Spacecom to suit the Oil & Gas industry’s needs deep into the 4th decade of the 21st century.
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Manages Bandwidth Per Application Across All Of Your Facilities Worldwide

For best efficiency and performance, use Spacecom’s SD-WAN service with Spacecom’s AMOS-17 satellite, and optimize your bandwidth per application. Our SD-WAN service can be used throughout your network, regardless of location and technology. Yes, even with fiber networks and even without using Spacecom’s satellite links.

Better together - AMOS-17 + SD-WAN

By Far The Most Powerful & Efficient Communication Solution For Oil & Gas Exploration And Production.

In today’s economy, being more productive is a must, and to some extent, all industries are following this rule. In the Oil & Gas industry there is no exception. When every minute counts, and every minute costs, NPT (Non-Productive-Time) is a major challenge viciously biting and cutting in the industry’s profits. Spacecom’s AMOS-17 Digital Satellite and the unique services build around it are transforming NPT into MPT (More-productive-Time), achieving up to X 8 Return On Investment in AMOS-17 communication links and service.

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Spacecom's AMOS-17 Top Benefits

for oil & Gas expeditions and operation in Africa

More Productive Time

Have your teams work more efficiently by using a most powerful satellite with SD-WAN. Prioritize and dynamically dedicate bandwidth to whatever is the most important.

Big Data Ready

Big Data is the name of the game. For the first time, you can share your big data flow in real-time with home servers and get perfect analyses faster than ever before.

Use Existing Equipment

Redirect your antenna to Spacecome's AMOS17 and immediately Increase you already installed equipment performance by up to 40%.

Crew Entertainment

Your crew members are away from home, for a long pirate of time. Make this time valuable by providing high-speed internet to support voice and video conversation, Education, movies, and more.

Network Management Per Application

Quality of service is our prime concern. Use AMOS-17's SD-WAN service to dynamically prioritizes your applications across your multi-locations satellite network and you will never miss a bit.

Low power Consumption

AMOS-17 High thruput and digital amplifiers allowing you to use low Wats LNB and modems, and dramatically reduce the power consumption of the satellite network. Great for solar-powered emote locations.

Superb Rain Fade Resistance

The most powerful HTS C-Band with High-Density ALC - Active signal amplification per link. Perfect Signal - Digital “Disruptions & Noise Suppression” onboard the satellite for best performance at all tumes shine or raine.

100% Digital Satellite

Faster and more efficient service in all conditions. With a single-hoop swap between all beams and bands. Dynamic split between uplinks and downlink, to achieve multi beams and bands downlink from a single uplink. Robust security and unmatched flexibility

Perfect Uptime
Up to 99.99%

Launched late 2019 AMOS-17 is a new Boeing 702MP digital satellite. Being one of the most advanced and powerful satellites ever build it is characterized by high performance and almost perfect stability.


AMOS-17 is build to meet the most demanding needs of the most demanding people in the most demanding industries. High availability, incredible uptime, and an industry-leading throughput guarantee.

Very Long

Launched in late 2019, AMOS-17 is a young satellite with a very long life span, design with the most advanced technologies to provide service deep into the 4th decade of the century.

Perfect Line Of Sight

Located directly above the heart of Africa at 17 East, AMOS-17 own the ultimate sky position over Africa. High Elevation antennas tend to be less sensitive to notice and interference, the broadcast travels the shortest route in the atmosphere and the line of sight is perfect.

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